Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 6 – ( Nascent in the Making )


No caveats this time around too. Denser not so self-deprecating thoughts are coming your way within a matter of seconds. Hang on there!

Well my recent activities on this blog all point towards a major milestone in making – My first book. I’m all excited to start the first draft compilation, the details regarding which will be revealed soon and by soon I should tell you – No sooner than before next year starts. I keep getting those chills of the likes of an actor performing for his first ever Broadway musical which is a phenomenon grande for an artist. Writing is totally like going for the Olympics before qualifying the nationals, because that’s the beauty of the business. There is no nationals or states or anything to give you a first thump. Some “homies” around you can for sure give your first draft a try but you know that notes and suggestions and advice and counsel can only help much or not as it stands.

I’ve decided beforehand to keep it short and simple and brief and beautiful. It will neither surprise you neither mesmerize you. It will neither add to your knowledge account nor do you need to search for references to build up the base necessary. But yeah, for sure will it make you wonder. It will shun away your fears. It will cast a shadow of yourself upon yourself. It will make your heart a frolicking kid once again. It will disabuse you of attachments and beliefs not worth carrying as a baggage over your soul. It will let you re-imagine your spaces in the voids of life you have created for yourself. It will nurture you as long as you read it and thereafter, I hope so. Ingredients used in writing this novella (sorta!) are to be put in by the reader, one of which is submission. Submit to the book as long as you are into it. It will serve you back in ways you can’t conceive at the moment. I’m not demanding and neither is it unbecoming to ask my readers to act that way. I mean to say that it’s not enough to be a good reader, you also have to read well and this defining part of a reader-author sort of telepathic connection is always underestimated by modernistic writers. I just wanted to emphasize this dimension of literary business.

The only revelation I can make at the moment is regarding the nationalities of the two main protagonists of the story – Danish and Latvian. I have no particular storyboard in mind which posed these requirements but they came so arbitrarily to me that I decided to keep it that way. It seems kinda loose. Isn’t it?

Stay Tuned for Part 7!

Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 5 – ( Comfort level with Illusions )


No Caveats this time around. But yes, floating thoughts are coming your way in the matter of seconds.

Developing anything into a form which can create business by being liked/used is no doubt a monumental task at times. Your pain of feigning comfort level with what you do in life on the road to this feat has to be “morphin[ed]” by commensurate level of things you really want to pursue in life. I define those things as “Hobbies”.

I have been defiant in the past to call a particular act as a hobby. May be because I have no particular liking with the nearest word you can form by tweaking the word “hobby” into “hubby”. Sounds inane? Well, it’s not so silly of an explanation for my dislike if you give it a second thought. We all have these dislikes for various words, however sacred their meaning may seem because of one or the other reasons. We take our own thoughts and existence as granted which I think is the disservice to the cosmic superpower who somehow made way for Earth to exist in one piece. I call for the reader to think about some illusions he/she might have carried all through his/her life without proper base. Our comfort level with self made illusions can be very “pernicious” in the long run.

“Keeping oneself occupied” was not the motto our grand ancestors started the process of evolution with. Adding value to the society as a whole was. Well, this is not a meta-discussion at any level(which in turn makes it meta, but that’s not the point). How can we as average-ly intelligent homo sapiens add value to the society? – Well, there is no one right answer to this question regarding grand vision. But, yeah the society today at some level or the other have some significant value-adders and some value-preservers and some value-imbibers and some indifferent-to-value-addition human beings. Yeah, that makes an eclectic set of complex individuals, the world is at present. The notional illusion of world development can very well go astray if the society doesn’t provide incentive for value-indifferent beings to actually start creating some.

Advancement in technology can at very well degrade this entire process though it is making the value-addition process a hell lot easier, it is also aggrandizing the comfort level with illusions around us. It makes you think you worked. It makes you think you added value by solely working. It makes you make many assumptions about the world around us just on the fact that we are all very well connected than our previous generations could ever fathom. This will have its repercussions on the intended evolution of social communication. Its calibre can be perceived in the way we are pseudo-communicating on social platforms. Is this an Illusion ? Well, the answer is not that far. It’s or It may be within you.

Stay Tuned for Part 6!

Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 4 – ( Bridge the Gap, Shoot the Shit! )


Caveat: This is the fuckin’ Life Blog Series about all the pretentious cravings and longings and unfulfilled yearnings and desires and water-boarding and shit fuck fuck shit mundane ongoings. I am manufacturing transcendence in disguise. Not to forget the buoyancy of thoughts which may hurt the prospects of your life which for a reader of this blog should be no less than analogous to a sinking titanic. yO ! Let’s write. Pussy, Money, Weed.. All a Nigga need!!

I am hig[h] and this is a fuckin’ nice time to write. No I’m not kiddin’. It’s a time of some deep shit distress for my ass. A lot of perversions I have been catering to of late have not landed me in a comfortable spot which is not to mention again, a general trend but things have been taking a good shape lately. I have begun to write my latest piece but the only bone of contention remains is of me being able to convince myself of the underlying motives. I want to earn some bucks, shower some dingling-dangling money my way shouldn’t be bad at my age of 22. I am trying to bridge the gaps between the right and left part of my brain, though that is not what the title of this blog implies. Convincing yourself to write can be pretty difficult. It’s like asking penguins to not walk straight. It’s like asking chihuahuas to migrate to Pakistan. It’s like asking Putin to turn Buddhist. It’s a tough job at the end of the day pleasing your reader and I have no particular experience on that front. Chit-Chatting my way through life is what I have been doing till now. Now it’s time to face the music, to invent some rhythm, to put your ass on burning coal, to bust your guts to reach the Mariana Trench of literature world. So I’m on my way to shoot the shit and I don’t know why but I should add a nuevo paragraph tio.

Insecurities in life are like small loops of turds hanging in there. Unless and until you flush it down, they stay and are the big pain in the ass for you. You need to get them the hell out of your system for once and all and I’m gonna plan on how to achieve this feat. I hope the reader will voice his/her solidarity with me on this front. I know the journey’s gonna begin and I know that I’m meant to stay for the long run.

Writing is my shit because I read people

I’m hig[h] and I don’t wanna have anything staple

Fuck the shit out of this blog, because here you nigga, there is nothing Papal.

I’ll be back soon with the ramblings and musings in the next part. Stay Tuned!

Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 3 – ( Another Brick in the Wall ? )


Caveat: Life Blog Series is all about floating thoughts at the moment it is being written. Their buoyancy may be questionable but their content, Not! You may or may not connect to what I write. Okay, let’s write. :)

Rather than making use of my pompous linguistic artillery to heck with your brain, I am just beginning with the lines to give you a hint of what’s to come in today’s life blog series- “Another Brick in the Wall”. Yes! I get what you’re thinking and yeah, I don’t want to be one either but eventually why do we end up being one is something to be deeply pondered upon dimension of life. Don’t you think so ? I think you certainly do.

I am not the kind to make exaggerated claims about myself but yeah, I am kinda voracious reader. This helps me get a lot of information in a less amount of time. Keeping myself at bay from the cellars of boredom, I usually keep taking dips in the lakes of wisdom here and there. Well, not a very good strategy if you wanna focus on something very dear to you. From my vantage point, every sector of work life looks exactly the mismo – de mierda! I was never focused on a “clear and dear” goal of life and this post has to have some undertones of regret, though I don’t seem to care much given the fact that I am casually smoking as of now, swimming in my mental vocabulary, catching hold of palabras that portray my emotions in so much as a correct manner. I have to admit that at my age of 22, I am not someone who is looked up to as a holder of the baton of next-gen in any sphere of life. Does that make me another brick in the wall? To some extent, yes! I am not living up to my full potential and that rings in my ears every single day of my life. May be you do too. That’s pretty much it.

I have had “not so witty criticism” from good people in the field of literature “complaining” that my writing does not possess even the beginning overtures of coherence. It’s all disconnected piece of statements having no connection to the main theme whatsoever. I disabused myself from this notion years ago after I started to write. I understood that writers when begin to write have simple things in mind. It’s just that I haven’t reached the so-called “puberty” of concoction and complexity yet, which let me tell you I’m not a big fan of. I write things which make me write them. I have always believed that the art of digressing your reader does not come easy, it can’t be academically taught and learnt, though that is what lawyers do but that’s not the point here. Plots in their real sense should be woven by the reader and not the author per se which is what I have been working on of late. It seems curbing the mental independence of my readers if I tell them what to think or how to go along with a line of thought which is fundamental to what I think about fascinating literature.

I will return in a few hours with the Part 4. Stay Tuned!

Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 2 – (Others in our Light)


Well the World around us can be perceived in many ways and that’s the beauty. Perspectives, generalizations, connections is all manufactured somewhere in some part of our chaotic brain. Sometimes I don’t want to think about how my life has been proceeding just because I can’t reason for my actions of the bygones. Well today I have been thinking about how we all hate something or the else. I want to talk about this thing called “hate”. Is hate the absence of “love” just like “cold” is the absence of “heat” or “dark” is the absence of “light”. “Hell No!!” is what my brain yells at me.

There is some immensely intricate procedure on play in the deep down roots of our so called emotion called “hate” towards something. I was thinking (I may not be entirely true) that the way we say things like – “I don’t like this” or “I hate that thing or person” or “I dislike this particular way” deserves to be given a moment’s thought. I started jotting down the things I personally don’t like or hate and the results were surprising. What I found out about myself was that most of the things I don’t like are either the things I have thought least about or I have no idea about how my dislike for that thing is justified given the other scenarios in which that thing may appeal to me.

Certainly the world has a lot to offer and we are the choosers (I know, I know! but you know what? beggars like me can sometimes be choosers as well) but the way we choose everything in life has a major impact on the world around us. As far as I think realizing this can be a major milestone in life. “Hate” has to be understood in the terms that it is a very strong emotion and the profound dimension of my life suggests that “Hate” can at times have a much larger impact factor than the emotion of love/liking.

I want the reader to take a break and think about those things or people or scenarios which they have been hating till date. Well, Things may seem to be pretty different from how it did before you read this. I am continuing the process and will come back with Life Blog series tomorrow as well at the same place.

Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 1


Today for a brief moment I felt that writing about your thoughts however shitty they may be can be an immensely rewarding exercise. We all keep thinking about something or the other. Some people think less while others keep producing useful “garbage” all the time. Everyone is right and no one is right. At the same time everyone is wrong and no one is wrong. Does it break the law of Logic ? No I don’t think so.

Life is all about living it ? Sometimes it will be difficult to find a way. then what?

Life is short ? Some fine “sunny” morning I won’t be there anymore. That will be the end.

Life is cruel ? Some fine morning you might lose your loveliest possession. That is cruel indeed ?

Life is bitchy, devious and mean ? Yep, metaphorically extrapolated but some people will just fall in your lives as if it is some unfinished jigsaw puzzle and these people were the perfect shape needed to complete it unmistakenly just to discover that your life was infact nothing as compared to a shit-hole.

But keeping the traditional nomenclature we make use of in talking about Life, There can be creative definitions, right ?

I decided about implementing a major change in my life. I need to write about what I think. Deep down I know that the activation energy for initiating this change is some revelations belonging to the domain of shallow idiot box but I want to anyways welcome this change. In the recent past I have had multitude of events I needed to talk about but you know what? As far as I am concerned, Well the proceedings of my life have witnessed me turning from a very enthused guy to a corner-grabbing asocial shit. Yeah! I am not exaggerating in any way. It’s the truth! For the first time in my life, I am writing as if I belong to this notepad. I am on it. You are reading my thoughts as they picture. It feels great and at the same time liberating.

We all need to take out time to put all we have inside ourself somewhere. Well finding somewhere can be pretty complicated at times. For me, It may have taken the shape of my blog. Communication for me has always been impacting people around you with what you have and vice-versa but it is not so simply connected visualization. It is much more about impacting yourself with what you have rather than people around you that social communication in the world we are manufacturing around us is getting to mean. You have to talk to yourself. You have to be fuckin’ honest to yourself. Just let it be ? NO! That is what I hate. Letting it be is a deadly thought bacteria that will ruin it all. I need to get rid of it and take control of things that impact me including myself.

Well I am getting late for a Class. See “anyone of you reading this blog” later.

Hasta Luego!

Christopher Hitchens’ words which might make you think – Not much, but a little!


“I once spoke to someone who had survived the genocide in Rwanda, and she said to me that there was now nobody left on the face of the earth, either friend or relative, who knew who she was. No one who remembered her girlhood and her early mischief and family lore; no sibling or boon companion who could tease her about that first romance; no lover or pal with whom to reminisce. All her birthdays, exam results, illnesses, friendships, kinships — gone. She went on living, but with a tabula rasa as her diary and calendar and notebook. I think of this every time I hear of the callow ambition to ‘make a new start’ or to be ‘born again’: Do those who talk this way truly wish for the slate to be wiped? Genocide means not just mass killing, to the level of extermination, but mass obliteration to the verge of extinction.”


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