How did we get here ? – PART I


Now lets begin this by giving you a short interesting historical account

In recent times, I have read, not voluminous but somewhat good amount of literature on Geopolitics, Strategy, Defence, War, Ballistic Missiles, and their respective historical accounts. I have developed a somewhat good idea that whatever the circumstances of today are is an indirect result of the geopolitical influence these missiles had in the Cold War era. Obviously USA and Soviet Union were Hostile to each other and not only they drove a war based on the radical difference of technology on two sides but they forced the respective countries of their sides to have a share in kavka’s toxin. That toxin was the Missile development regime. Germany jumped into the V2 Rocket development with the commencement of second world war with the first liquid propellant ballistic missile of that age.

“What is the cause of such revelry, General?” – Asked a Subordinate Army Officer

The Answer could be imagined when you come to know that in the whole period, 3000 such missiles were deployed and subsequently used but of no use to germans as Stalingrad made it apparent they had lost it.

The Missile Age had yet to start with USA and Soviet Union to claim their share. The technical ideas of missiles layout plan were not thrown into open but kept very secretive which acted as an impetus for both sides to try to obtain as many scientists and engineers who were part of this project to work for them. This was not an official recruitment. USA via Operation Paperclip ( and Soviet Union via Operation Osoaviakhim ( acquired all the key people involved in the development with USA getting Wernher Von Braun, the man responsible for V2 / A4 Ballisitc Combat Missile who as a young lad got inteersted into rockets by reading books on Interplanetary space. 

I will subsequently in my next articles tell you more about Missile Development History and Cuban Missile Crisis.

My Next post would tell you about Important Parts of Anti Ballistic Missile Strategy and why should countries shall have to worry in years to come about keeping themselves safe from Ballistic Missile attacks. Defence Journals are filled with shit talks about Missile Strategy. Recently I confronted an article on Asian Defence review which seriously blew me off. Lets talk about it later in my next posts.


Prateek Chandra Jha. 

(The Picture below is the cover photo of the best selling book “The Prophet” written by lebanese Poet and Artist Kahlil Gibran which I have recently ordered on Flipkart. It is said to offer deep insight into philosophy of life, sense of curiosity and gratification. I am waiting for it.)



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