Our Great War is…?



Our great war is spiritual war and our great depression is our lives

We tend to do shit jobs for having things we don’t need – Brad Pitt in FIGHT CLUB

Life is being sucked out of you guys living and working and thining like hell for demands of utter dystopian environment of your shitty brain which has nothing except some portions like medulla oblongata deserving to be donated to M J Chaman Lal Dindayal Rugnalay (Sanskrit word for Hospital) for research in area of mental suppression.

Find it for yourself as today I found a void lingering around in my life having been gradually filled by my solemn conduct of reading and writing shit things I find on wikipedia, oxford quotations and proverbs book, michael sandel lectures on justice and morality and utilitarianism and skepticism.

I found my solace in things I always criticised but you end up doing jobs you don’t intend to or you choose not to because at that time you are a little fuc*** up. Its rather astonishing to see myself relate to evolution today after coming to perceive some basic facts about whether you need god and if yes, Why ? See now this is a little baffling to know that few intelllectuals claim that this is a very subjective topic of debate i.e. a so-called “Equivocal” regime of classical debating topics people usually refrain from bring upfront in social gatherings. I brought it out and amazed some people.

“You need god because there are a lot of questions even now which remain unanswered”–like what ? –” We came to know about biog bang by the fact that given the fact universe is expanding, It would have to come out of a point. A highly dense and hot state of matter residing at a single point called singularity which is a major problem of mathematics. What is it which is poking scientists that even they can’t tell what happened before that? ” is the question put at me and hence you need God. ” What was before ?” is not a logical question as we define our time at the instant of big bang. So I won’t answer it. What I have been so curious to know is that keeping the humour element aside..What is this epistemological dilemma heading towards? Are those trying to head towards conclusions even taking a brief moment of time to even contemplate about the philosophical point of the discussion anytime they do it? There are many things we don’t yet know but are near to knowing it which makes a base for few to build their faith and few to bank on it using lack in scientific ascendancy as an excuse.


“The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad.” —Friedrich Nietzsche


“A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future.”— Albert Einstein

Young people seldom bask on the idea of scientific reasoning as I have been seeing through my school days and presently watching this in my own college. Self Complacency is the biggest misfit characteristic which is driving people towards commenting upon bible and quran as a cogently written literature claiming to have digested billions of minds into its heavenly words. Yes, It is an enormous number for a newcomer to evolve anti-belief system in him/her to question basic propositions written in it.

“If there were no God, it would be necessary to invent him.”  — Voltaire

The conclusive lines of this seemingly stupidly started post is being written when I was not high 

From Within the confinements of our brain comprehensive sphere

From Within the shackles of loose understandings

From Within poor, disheveled, bedraggled hopes and strivings of youth

Only a wise man can escape.. Let me be one,  Let me be one…



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