Demise of a Good Mathematical Problem


Its not often that you come across a very good mathematical problem which offers a new incentive for our mind to think in terms of what can be the exciting outcome. What happens when you really solve a bad problem which does not deserve to be solved by you at first hand. Ya Yes, I am certainly right !! When you solve problem where enumeration of steps is the only hard work required. I think that Mathematics is all about finding that “Golden Bridge” between jargon of thoughts and the eternal bliss of solving a problem through beautiful simplicity in disguise. A rapport between the part of brain that executes the mathematical machinery and the part that governs the psychological dilemma and dismay to a particular situation is the true link to how a normal person or a Mathematician would bombard a problem with any tools of higher or advanced mathematics he/she has at his/her disposal. How the mind certainly progresses through the process of solving a problem depends wholly on the shear objectivity as to what the problem solver wants to achieve vis-a-vis which is again a subjective discussion as a whole. I want my readers to try this problem which is simple but yet beautiful in the elegant way we can offer a solution and in many other ways it can be interpreted too.

Readers interested in reading about how beneficial is it to have a taste of advanced mathematics can read through this blog post/article written by an anonymous user.

If you are a layman and want an insight into the mind of a Mathematician, Do go through this essay written by British Mathematician G. H. Hardy concerning Aesthetics of Mathematics.

Download  ” A Mathematician’s Apology “



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