Few of My Excerpts on Facebook in Recent Days I shall Cherish


This was in reply to this status and then started subsequent acts of lunaticity –

Satyamev Jayate Episode 3: I get more and more reasons everyday to spread spirituality and bring contentment in minds of people who are blinded by greed to such an extent that they dis-regard totally the love one woman can bring in life. Please wake up!


May God bestow upon you longer arms of greed to spread in direction of your multiple erections so that this one woman criteria shall vanish from the confinements of the shell you possess – the Brain.


Dear XXX, With deep grief I have to inform you that lately you have indulged in talk you should restrain yourself to do. What do you think haan ? Are you in a banana republic and that too eating bananas and subsequently using them for fore-pleasure you semi-benign creature that you are advocating multi-women cells for men. You are indulging in the crime of highest order of MALE CHAUVINISM and let me warn you that rubrics of my dystopian society in which you are revelling at present is the invaluable gift of these women who took pain in times they had to in order to make world a better place to live with more women inundated with ideas of pre-marital sex.


The REPLY to immediately above post was rather expected –

Dear Prateek Chandra Jha: Just go and fuck off… You are the biggest disappointment ever to happen in humanity. If you do understand Darwinism and survival of fittest concepts, you wouldn’t limit yourself to a demented mentality of suppressing your natural desires of having multiple sexual partners and self-portraying your sexual frustration as a self-proclaimed ingenuity over philosophy of life and trying to insult others. Removing marriage altogether empowers both the genders equally to have a happier and more satisfied life. If your self-limited brain cannot understand the simple logic that other people possess then you should seriously consider fucking yourself by running around the tree with speed of light.


What’s the difference between a naked white woman and a naked black woman?
One is on the cover of Playboy and the other is on the cover of National Geographic.

Now this was the outbreak of the dam of my umbrage which inundated the fields of this poor man’s wall on his status –

Have you ever had a playboy magazine in your hand you would not have publicly made derogatory comments on the magazine that is considered to be the bible of multi-timers. IS this a joke or a sardonic take at a premier institution such as playboy ? Do you know what can happen as a result of your failing attempt to gain a witty status ? people are inundated with seeds of racial segregation they neither can digest nor defecate and such shall be the impact of social disintegration you anachronistic (belonging to Apartheid age) men are hoping to bring into place that the LGBT society can get dis-fragmented. Young white women can lose interest in similar black women. For heaven’s sake, I know you have been given incentives to plant this status on your amateurish wall but let people suffuse love in the air rather than doubting racial obligations.


Inundated with plethora of emotions, the world is a bloody ocean of nincompoops and thus as I sit here living a sedentary lifestyle in some unrecognized corner of the world, a few things are the only ones that give you comfort in times of distress. PLAYBOY is not a worthless chattel in my room which is one of those. Don’t treat this as a linguisitic countenance of a overbearing ostentatious person but as a form of my disillusionment due to the reason that I believed that PLAYBOY was literally venerable among the masses of young commandos. I normally don’t comment on the status keeping myself aloof from the repercussions of this forlorn society but I kind of felt that I should project my thought scope on this platform that today you have disabused me of the penultimate attachment in my life- the playboy. These are the words to be engraved on the epitome of my attachment-grave –

” Playboy Oh my atta boy !!

Let me make it laconic;

This has been the journey subsuming the pages of the playboy tonic;

the times have passed like a concorde once when it ran supersonic;

I have risen from being subservient to being draconic;

Its sad that it was treated as a palaver but “playboy” for excellence shall remain a mnemonic.


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