Suffering as a Metaphor ?


It has been a fine amount of time since I wrote on something which moves me immensely. I always think about this in my solitude but you know it goes the same way as in the parliament – Recriminations. Every minute corner of the brain has some grievances the other and a normal human being keeps the natation going. I always wondered what would have been going through Kevin Carter‘s mind when he clicked this-Image  

This particular photograph is the epitome of gloominess, irrational and unreasonable lives we are enjoying in our homes. I have as of now not thought much about the egalitarian utopian society which to me not only an impossibility and unpragmatic but also unnecessary. But you know what ? Seeing this pic for over a few minutes inundates you with plethora of emotions and when you want to find solace in something ethereal not because you start caring (for similar people in Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria etc.) but because you are at dismay in convincing yourself that may be, we are the ones responsible for this fiasco. This photograph is not a new revelation; Infact it is a looming reflection of the condition in which we are leading our posterity into.

We have rendered Nature as a criminalizing tool in the so called modern society. The Human Afflictions, Miseries, Atrocities, Slavery and what not has been called the manifestation of their “Karma” of their past, present and what not. I have many particular problems with the established dogma of the multitude of religions in our society with multiple conflicts which are too many to enlist in this short space. This drivel has an unprecedented effect on lives of many like once my friend said that emaciated people dying of malnutrition were  given a visit by the respected Pope which was very kind on his part but what was the primary motive? It was to distribute Bible. They very “rationally” described their step as Humanitarian which might be a exaggerated metaphor I think so.

Let me describe the picture in a fine detailing. There is a toddler who is in such a condition as if just about to die. He is trying locomoting himself to the nearest feeding centre setup by United Nations in Sudan. At that time, Kevin Carter was witnessing the famine for the first time and he got to face this interesting scenario. The Vulture at the back is probably waiting for the child to die, you know this – The normal predator job but the fact that a man adjusting his lenses near this ongoing debacle to focus and have a perfect shoot is no less than a predator himself which was claimed by St. PetersburgsTimes. The Vulture might have been moving around the nearby manure waste pit. The background of the picture provides hoaxing details about the conditions in those corners of the world which are devoid of the basic necessities which is unacceptably awful at these times of global technological boom. 

I leave you with unknowing number of queries starting to surface when you read through this but the territory of your mind which restrains from being affected by empathy should be rationally trying to comprehend that why was this that the photographer did not proceed to help the toddler in such times of distress than to focus on his camera.




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