What are common misconceptions about startups?


All the answers which I ever saw to the question above aimed at the crux of motivation which acts as an impetus for a young lad to get into starting up his own company for whatsoever reason it may be. We should objectively keep in mind that this attitude of answering questions on such a platform is going to reap “No Benefits” at all. The rationale behind the points which I am making here is that I am going through the same starting up phase and I never perceive things in the way people did. There is no chasm between perception and reality for one who can put in effort.

  • Start-ups have been revolutionary type, not so revolutionary type, simply incredible type but not reaping profits and some failures too. Everyone does not have the comprehensible lenses to transcend as to what economic factors are going to drive their business plan into the pulp.
  • In the field of start-ups I have a one-liner – “Just Start”. Some doubts should always be flushed down with the greatest force of life because they will tend to decelerate your pace.
  • Whether a start-up is providing you with profits is another fact people target too much before they go along with their plan and in frantic search of immediate money, make stupid decisions which is the same way as if you are cutting the branch on which you are sitting.
  • It’s never too late to start and it’s always better to start early. People have learned immensely om their failures. People who failed again and again starting up in the same field has the exquisite exposure to what others don’t which is not a disadvantage to either side but surely an upper hand for the failing one. On the way, he makes contacts, builds relationships, learns street-smart ways of getting things done and that is essentially significant in both technology and non-technology based start-ups.
  • Gimmicks frequently work. This tactic of using gimmicks for marketing, If not successful for the one trying it out firstly will surely work out for someone trying it again down the line. The Idea here is that successors of start-ups built on the same ideas usually are bizarrely much more successful than those who started out early. But I think this is the behavioral aspect of the people in general to accept a product in their lifestyle quickly which manifests in some start-ups being a failure and the subsequent later start-ups getting much more paid off.
  • Rendezvous with Success is a tryst worth Investing. Regarding the point where you have an idea and no plan of implementation around is the most hitting point of modern start-ups. This is never a misconception that “Idea is Enough”. It is a misconception for those who haven’t tried enough. The effort is inexorable and that needs perseverance per-se. Giving up is very easy and that is being seen in huge numbers with start-ups guided by wrong investors and mentors.
  • Holding yourself back in such a budding phase of life is unimaginably foolish and wrong with not only yourself but society. A good service can some by the way unheard of and we the people are a witness to these type of services.Regardless of any misconception, what matters is not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

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