Desire, Need and Wants distinguished


The starting lines of the poem was written instantaneously for a very good friend of mine when I offered to write 4 lines on her. The lines that immediately follow project that what we expect from life is indeed what it tries to give us but not through paths we intend to get them. The crux of the matter is that sometimes somewhere we feel that something is not right and something should not have happened a particular way but of no help is retrospection anyways. Then the unanimously purported problem of perception of love. Therefore I highlight the first 4 lines.

desire to see you
is way beyond my desire to exist
desire to feel and be with you
is way beyond any desire i could resist.

randomness if it could be plucked from universe
would correctly fill in the voids
that have not been filled
since the day you rang my heart’s chords.

soporific ambience of nostalgia
making me feel asleep
moments of retrospection later
makes me ask – what benefits shall it reap ?

I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life,
I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky,
But why, why, why can’t it be me,
can’t it be mine?

rupture rupture ruptured
blood of love all over me
the thing you don’t see
is that my sky is in thee.

I try to invent new colours
to render you on the portrait
imagination revels in baiting me
for my love’s peculiar trait.

sun is dancing over the moon’s partial sky
throwing colours which reflect your countenance
as if your hair dipped
is throwing everything all over here thence.

There’s a thin line between desire and need,
And I don’t know which side you are on,
Cause I crossed the line long ago

The night is adorned with a thousand stars,
I kept wondering which one belonged to me,
Till I realized
it is the moon that completes my sky.

Oh my friend be the god’s grace be upon you
since the moon is bright and nearer
may make you feel that all distant ones
might not be dearer.

Amend your ways of perception
since senses tends you to make false beliefs
“You desire what you don’t want and you want that you don’t desire”
is something which would just give you momentary relief.


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