Ode to Friends !!


This poem highlights that there are some important people who must be revered for what role they play in your existence but normally we don’t pay much attention to such so-called “friends”. I did this a long time ago. A mistake I must repent my entire life. I became who I am due to one person who changed the way everything functioned nearby. I call him a perfectionist. May his soul rest in peace.

you run the oceans you run the sea
you run the land you run the rivers
you may not find so much as
a friend indeed a perfect giver

roads we had walked
shining stars we used to pluck
a long time still seeming ephemeral
without me o dear how did you chuck !!

doors you had every key to open
i always wondered how ?
still unanswered you left it to rust in this world
please come back NOW !!

reminiscing joy reminiscing sorrow
in the wake of dusty storms
i would wait for that morrow
when i would arrive at heaven’s dorms

hearts went out,
the girls went mad
you kicked someone’s ass
when you were a hell of a lad

good bad ugly turned the gates of time upon us
through the hardship we were true
last time before we parted with beatle’s song
that cringing sound of “love – love me do”

repartee i wished
i could enjoy with you once again
in the face of death i say this
that rendezvous would be insane

short of literary weapons to describe you
imagination to bait me has a singing choir
but at this moment i am still
what’s making me weak is your MEMOIRS and your MEMOIRS !!

pester me i won’t say anything
tell me to smoke weed i won’t say anything
you bastard bring anything upon me i won’t say anything
your wishes i had cornered my heart goes out to bring.

trembling to know that everyone has to go
when ?? it’s not sure
but as a spirit you fought injustice
as a soul you shall go pure.

dripping towels people must be using
i don’t !! as before this makes me cry
your some trait makes me giggle
into the world of peculiarities you were a representative single.


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