Look at You


The poem speaks about the fact that once in a while you one should look at him/her self and sing the words below to see that life is enriching yet anonymously infinite for us to make something out of it if we toil hard.

look at you
you have everything around
problems are abound 
but believe – still everything can be sound.

look at you
you have the perfect setting
still you feel that 
the world is not letting.

look at you
you have a life at least
to make something possible
in the highly improbable tryst.

look at you
you will be remembered through hymns
if you do great deeds
and leave your footprints on the sands of times.

look at you
repressed soul with fear instilled
“fear is the greatest tool to destroy yourself”
inside your head get it drilled.

look at you
such times of struggle are like fire
to make you pure
and take you out of oblivion of mere desire.

look at you
you have a mystical countenance
of pain though toil does not forget its times
and it will definitely get you to jump over the fence.


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