Ode to Expectations !!



These lines highlights a person in utter dismay after he has been disillusioned with the people he had been associating huge amount of expectations, they might not be worthy of fulfilling or might have neglected in the long run. It is something everyone of us should attach to our conscience that doing something for someone in expectations of return can be devastating for mental peace.

expectations are rising
what to do, what to do ?
the thing is i don’t know how to control myself
from expecting them to be true.

expectations are discordant
harmonious if they would have been
might not have nailed me down to the levels of
where i have been destined.

gather yourself gather your soul
expectations are nothing but baggages
leave them behind
and put an end to mental brawl.

give yourself respite give yourself freedom
see what these expectations did to your mien
get your act together stop beating around the bushes 
do what you been doing for everyone and throw these expectations into gushes.



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