Keep …


I keep waiting for something to happen. What is waiting and what happens in due course ?

deepest concern for the waiting soul
you will be taken to heaven’s door
don’t go back to your world, you recidivist !!
This time you shall come back no more no more.

keep writing to see no response
keep trying to see no result
keep watching to see no sight
and that is all to which I gave away respite.

keep scratching to see no idea
keep drawing to see no inspiration
keep plucking till you see the rose
and that is all is making me so morose.

keep turning to see nothing ahead
keep forging to see no road
keep searching to find no way
and that is all which threw me to dismay.

keep listening to see no one
keep shouting to see no beyond
keep touching till you see the tactile
and that is all which made me towards you so servile.


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