We have so many presentiments about what happened, what may happen and this drives us to see different colors of the rainbow – that is Life. But what happens when all the colors unite – It is the formation of rejuvenating, refreshing, recurring thing called – “White”. The rendezvous of every element the life has to offer eventually ends in morose and gloomy end of life. We use white cloth to cover the dead. Ever asked why ? Ask it now.

what to tell of white
semblance of serenity it is
abode of everything that is pure
you are as much like that I am sure.

what to tell of white
see the glacier,epitome of selflessness
feeds everybody melting itself away
this is my idea of you and it won’t sway

what to tell of white
it imposes faith and it disposes distrust
it imposes courage and disposes fear
this is an account of you so modest so mere

what to tell of white
it pairs to your character, it pairs to your soul
it pairs to your senses, it pairs to your mind
this leaves me in defining you no behind.

what to tell of white
it mutes your dark just as shine makes you blind
helplessness it is not, it is a benign gift
this tells me that you can fill all the life’s rifts.

what to tell of white
it preserves buoyance in the lake of egoism
it shoves people to come out of the blue
I am pretty sure that same happened to me just because of you.

One of the followers of the blog commented on this post with this song “White Ladder” by David Grey and its symphony is extravagant and phosphorescent.

White – What is it ?


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  1. If we are white
    then both science and cynisism
    says we can
    be spit through prisisms
    & that many fighting their own cause
    will use this trick to exploit others flaws

    That each seperate colour
    on it’s own
    needs special guidance
    to come back home
    That when split and floating
    to find it’s way
    it demands anothers colour
    to it’s lonely way

    But what of purity?
    What of light?
    What of truth?
    How we should we live?
    How should we work?
    And should we fight
    to regroup
    become whole
    to illuminate
    each darkened whole
    Where white once shone
    But now is gone

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