Why are Clowns important to the world ?


This question takes you into an introspecting discourse where you reason out as to why are clowns who are always laughed at are significant for us?

Here I am purging myself
in the light of other’s joy
blazing, to see me is someone’s frown
see, here comes an useless clown.

Here, I am providing respite
burning in the light of other’s relief
by word of mouth, my presence is known about in the gathering
see, here comes a useless clown what does he have to bring.

Here I am doing caricatures
drawing other’s life on the portrait of my visage
sense, although you can’t make of my act
it is a satire on their own life, very exact.

Here I may be treated as an ephemeral bliss
I come and take away all your pains
rational, though you can’t be of this phenomenon
gradually you will surely pass away into the life of your venom.

Here I am a clairvoyant of unforeseen transcendence
my expressions are both ruse and rebus, you can’t capture me
Yes, you can still capture my picture
but that in itself will move you beyond me.

Here I am seen as fooling around
my virtues and vices are considered the same
This chasm of undue differences between me and society
is not what it seems to be, that is mighty.

Here though I exaggerate expressions and impose myself
It is just to highlight what you all do
In the wake of your attention I live
or else in oblivion I don’t exist.

Here I am like a flower, Understand it
I may be fragrant, exquisite or abject
I spread what I have to in a small time
and then eventually die and fall away which nobody knows of.


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