Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 1


Today for a brief moment I felt that writing about your thoughts however shitty they may be can be an immensely rewarding exercise. We all keep thinking about something or the other. Some people think less while others keep producing useful “garbage” all the time. Everyone is right and no one is right. At the same time everyone is wrong and no one is wrong. Does it break the law of Logic ? No I don’t think so.

Life is all about living it ? Sometimes it will be difficult to find a way. then what?

Life is short ? Some fine “sunny” morning I won’t be there anymore. That will be the end.

Life is cruel ? Some fine morning you might lose your loveliest possession. That is cruel indeed ?

Life is bitchy, devious and mean ? Yep, metaphorically extrapolated but some people will just fall in your lives as if it is some unfinished jigsaw puzzle and these people were the perfect shape needed to complete it unmistakenly just to discover that your life was infact nothing as compared to a shit-hole.

But keeping the traditional nomenclature we make use of in talking about Life, There can be creative definitions, right ?

I decided about implementing a major change in my life. I need to write about what I think. Deep down I know that the activation energy for initiating this change is some revelations belonging to the domain of shallow idiot box but I want to anyways welcome this change. In the recent past I have had multitude of events I needed to talk about but you know what? As far as I am concerned, Well the proceedings of my life have witnessed me turning from a very enthused guy to a corner-grabbing asocial shit. Yeah! I am not exaggerating in any way. It’s the truth! For the first time in my life, I am writing as if I belong to this notepad. I am on it. You are reading my thoughts as they picture. It feels great and at the same time liberating.

We all need to take out time to put all we have inside ourself somewhere. Well finding somewhere can be pretty complicated at times. For me, It may have taken the shape of my blog. Communication for me has always been impacting people around you with what you have and vice-versa but it is not so simply connected visualization. It is much more about impacting yourself with what you have rather than people around you that social communication in the world we are manufacturing around us is getting to mean. You have to talk to yourself. You have to be fuckin’ honest to yourself. Just let it be ? NO! That is what I hate. Letting it be is a deadly thought bacteria that will ruin it all. I need to get rid of it and take control of things that impact me including myself.

Well I am getting late for a Class. See “anyone of you reading this blog” later.

Hasta Luego!


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