Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 2 – (Others in our Light)


Well the World around us can be perceived in many ways and that’s the beauty. Perspectives, generalizations, connections is all manufactured somewhere in some part of our chaotic brain. Sometimes I don’t want to think about how my life has been proceeding just because I can’t reason for my actions of the bygones. Well today I have been thinking about how we all hate something or the else. I want to talk about this thing called “hate”. Is hate the absence of “love” just like “cold” is the absence of “heat” or “dark” is the absence of “light”. “Hell No!!” is what my brain yells at me.

There is some immensely intricate procedure on play in the deep down roots of our so called emotion called “hate” towards something. I was thinking (I may not be entirely true) that the way we say things like – “I don’t like this” or “I hate that thing or person” or “I dislike this particular way” deserves to be given a moment’s thought. I started jotting down the things I personally don’t like or hate and the results were surprising. What I found out about myself was that most of the things I don’t like are either the things I have thought least about or I have no idea about how my dislike for that thing is justified given the other scenarios in which that thing may appeal to me.

Certainly the world has a lot to offer and we are the choosers (I know, I know! but you know what? beggars like me can sometimes be choosers as well) but the way we choose everything in life has a major impact on the world around us. As far as I think realizing this can be a major milestone in life. “Hate” has to be understood in the terms that it is a very strong emotion and the profound dimension of my life suggests that “Hate” can at times have a much larger impact factor than the emotion of love/liking.

I want the reader to take a break and think about those things or people or scenarios which they have been hating till date. Well, Things may seem to be pretty different from how it did before you read this. I am continuing the process and will come back with Life Blog series tomorrow as well at the same place.


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