Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 3 – ( Another Brick in the Wall ? )


Caveat: Life Blog Series is all about floating thoughts at the moment it is being written. Their buoyancy may be questionable but their content, Not! You may or may not connect to what I write. Okay, let’s write. 🙂

Rather than making use of my pompous linguistic artillery to heck with your brain, I am just beginning with the lines to give you a hint of what’s to come in today’s life blog series- “Another Brick in the Wall”. Yes! I get what you’re thinking and yeah, I don’t want to be one either but eventually why do we end up being one is something to be deeply pondered upon dimension of life. Don’t you think so ? I think you certainly do.

I am not the kind to make exaggerated claims about myself but yeah, I am kinda voracious reader. This helps me get a lot of information in a less amount of time. Keeping myself at bay from the cellars of boredom, I usually keep taking dips in the lakes of wisdom here and there. Well, not a very good strategy if you wanna focus on something very dear to you. From my vantage point, every sector of work life looks exactly the mismo – de mierda! I was never focused on a “clear and dear” goal of life and this post has to have some undertones of regret, though I don’t seem to care much given the fact that I am casually smoking as of now, swimming in my mental vocabulary, catching hold of palabras that portray my emotions in so much as a correct manner. I have to admit that at my age of 22, I am not someone who is looked up to as a holder of the baton of next-gen in any sphere of life. Does that make me another brick in the wall? To some extent, yes! I am not living up to my full potential and that rings in my ears every single day of my life. May be you do too. That’s pretty much it.

I have had “not so witty criticism” from good people in the field of literature “complaining” that my writing does not possess even the beginning overtures of coherence. It’s all disconnected piece of statements having no connection to the main theme whatsoever. I disabused myself from this notion years ago after I started to write. I understood that writers when begin to write have simple things in mind. It’s just that I haven’t reached the so-called “puberty” of concoction and complexity yet, which let me tell you I’m not a big fan of. I write things which make me write them. I have always believed that the art of digressing your reader does not come easy, it can’t be academically taught and learnt, though that is what lawyers do but that’s not the point here. Plots in their real sense should be woven by the reader and not the author per se which is what I have been working on of late. It seems curbing the mental independence of my readers if I tell them what to think or how to go along with a line of thought which is fundamental to what I think about fascinating literature.

I will return in a few hours with the Part 4. Stay Tuned!


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