Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 4 – ( Bridge the Gap, Shoot the Shit! )


Caveat: This is the Life Blog Series about all the pretentious cravings and longings and unfulfilled yearnings and desires and water-boarding and shit fuck fuck shit mundane on goings. I am manufacturing transcendence in disguise. Not to forget the buoyancy of thoughts which may hurt the prospects of your life which for a reader of this blog should be no less than analogous to a sinking titanic. yO !

I am hig[h] and this is a fuckin’ nice time to write. No I’m not kiddin’. It’s a time of some deep shit distress for my ass. A lot of perversions I have been catering to of late have not landed me in a comfortable spot which is not to mention again, a general trend but things have been taking a good shape lately. I have begun to write my latest piece but the only bone of contention remains is of me being able to convince myself of the underlying motives. I want to earn some bucks, shower some dingling-dangling money my way shouldn’t be bad at my age of 22. I am trying to bridge the gaps between the right and left part of my brain, though that is not what the title of this blog implies. Convincing yourself to write can be pretty difficult. It’s like asking penguins to not walk straight. It’s like asking chihuahuas to migrate to Pakistan. It’s like asking Putin to turn Buddhist. It’s a tough job at the end of the day pleasing your reader and I have no particular experience on that front. Chit-Chatting my way through life is what I have been doing till now. Now it’s time to face the music, to invent some rhythm, to put your ass on burning coal, to bust your guts to reach the Mariana Trench of literature world. So I’m on my way to shoot the shit and I don’t know why but I should add a nuevo paragraph tio.

Insecurities in life are like small loops of turds hanging in there. Unless and until you flush it down, they stay and are the big pain in the ass for you. You need to get them the hell out of your system for once and all and I’m gonna plan on how to achieve this feat. I hope the reader will voice his/her solidarity with me on this front. I know the journey’s gonna begin and I know that I’m meant to stay for the long run.

Writing is my shit because I read people

I’m hig[h] and I don’t wanna have anything staple

Fuck the shit out of this blog, because here you nigga, there is nothing Papal.

I’ll be back soon with the ramblings and musings in the next part. Stay Tuned!


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