Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 6 – ( Nascent in the Making )


No caveats this time around too. Denser not so self-deprecating thoughts are coming your way within a matter of seconds. Hang on there!

Well my recent activities on this blog all point towards a major milestone in making – My first book. I’m all excited to start the first draft compilation, the details regarding which will be revealed soon and by soon I should tell you – No sooner than before next year starts. I keep getting those chills of the likes of an actor performing for his first ever Broadway musical which is a phenomenon grande for an artist. Writing is totally like going for the Olympics before qualifying the nationals, because that’s the beauty of the business. There is no nationals or states or anything to give you a first thump. Some “homies” around you can for sure give your first draft a try but you know that notes and suggestions and advice and counsel can only help much or not as it stands.

I’ve decided beforehand to keep it short and simple and brief and beautiful. It will neither surprise you neither mesmerize you. It will neither add to your knowledge account nor do you need to search for references to build up the base necessary. But yeah, for sure will it make you wonder. It will shun away your fears. It will cast a shadow of yourself upon yourself. It will make your heart a frolicking kid once again. It will disabuse you of attachments and beliefs not worth carrying as a baggage over your soul. It will let you re-imagine your spaces in the voids of life you have created for yourself. It will nurture you as long as you read it and thereafter, I hope so. Ingredients used in writing this novella (sorta!) are to be put in by the reader, one of which is submission. Submit to the book as long as you are into it. It will serve you back in ways you can’t conceive at the moment. I’m not demanding and neither is it unbecoming to ask my readers to act that way. I mean to say that it’s not enough to be a good reader, you also have to read well and this defining part of a reader-author sort of telepathic connection is always underestimated by modernistic writers. I just wanted to emphasize this dimension of literary business.

The only revelation I can make at the moment is regarding the nationalities of the two main protagonists of the story – Danish and Latvian. I have no particular storyboard in mind which posed these requirements but they came so arbitrarily to me that I decided to keep it that way. It seems kinda loose. Isn’t it?

Stay Tuned for Part 7!


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