Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 7 – ( Boulevard of Stitched Dreams )


No Caveats this time around as well.

Well it has been some days that I took into reshaping the odd strides my pencil had made while I was painting my literary dream. I like to invent imageries while I write. It helps me focus though you guys might argue against. Many established authors when embark on motivational speeches say that writing in one form or another can be very therapeutic. You know why? The answer may seem ironical. It is because when you set out to write about what you want to write about, It sucks the life form out of you. It demands you to be in a zone which is more or less a certain kind of zone in which you are attentive and discomforted. Yeah it’s right. Choosing the right words can at times be a formidable task. Your repertoire needs to be examined for exact words for exact situations. The thin line is to be able to cross through that demanding process and writing what you wanna write about.

Broken Dreams as it is called is a special class of every writer’s life. We all want to portray what we have in mind. It may be very rudimentary in the start but you need to have something within you that pushes you everyday towards the finish line which everyone defines for themselves. Dreams have to be stitched. They are yours to stay only when you have a sense of belonging to that dream. Well, Fulfilling your dreams is a altogether different pursuit which I am not talking about today.

Writing is in a sense very similar to a grandmother stitching a sweater for you, very persnickety about every turn she makes with that knit because she needs it to be perfect for her grandson. Every time she finishes one, she calls you over, puts it on you and keeps looking at it as she thinks that somewhere or the other, either she overdid the stitching or she missed a mark. She is never satisfied. She decides to give it another go. Her work never convinces her. You will never find a complacent grandmother particularly in the department of knitting sweaters.

Stitch it mi amigo because it will take a life’s journey for you to proclaim at the Grand Canyon of your voice that you wrote it perfect.

More life revelations coming your way in Part 8. Stay Tuned!


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