Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 8 – ( Why such a Barometer of Hope ? )


Caveat: You may think that I plundered your deep seated, enamored, and long kept precious secrets using my words. Did I?

Every change in our life is a result of some underground function in the play. It may appear to be sudden, erratic, out of nowhere but it is after all a result of variable actions. In mathematics, we have a simple thing called “graph”. On vertical axis (generically called “y- axis”) contains dependent variable and horizontal axis (generically called “x- axis) has independent variables. The functional relation between these two variables describes the shape you perceive on the graph. Every graph has a meaning in form of a predefined relation between numbers on the x-axis and the y-axis. With this primer on mathematical graphs, I want to ask this question as to what is the function behind the result “hope”. That is to ask what is the x-axis variable that when operated upon by some function gives rise to “hope”.

Hope is an integral or to rightly say more than very integral part of our lives. Any small occurrence, change in surroundings, some motivational speech, random ramblings or even a sight of an object,can make immense impact on human mind. The human mind on the other side very quickly shields the variable that gave rise to hope. It quickly adapts to the new state you are in. It tries to make you a party to the whole new situation contrary to your previously held state of not believing a certain event to be possible. Is it good or bad? Well, that is up to debate and awesomely subjective but according to me, however inevitable this process is, giving birth to new hopes every now and then can be very lethal to the whole fabric of your identity. That is the life blog series considers barometric expansion of hope a very contemplative domain of an individual’s life.

You need to let some things in your life be. You need to make efforts for the sake of making it sometimes, not for what you hope will transpire afterwards. You need to live real indeed. You need to accept certain “truths”. Life is indeed short and you “certainly” don’t want to live in the shadow of “uncertainties” all the fuckin’ time. Do you?

Stay Tuned for Part 9!


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