Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 9 – ( Blurring the line of Utility Value. But Why ? )


Caveats: Maximizing your utility while reading and using this article’s value as payoff can put you in a position of deep jeopardy because these floating thoughts are like asteroids in a deep space field ready to hit a vulnerable mind going to give a go for this article. I hope you survive well out of it, sweet & fine.

Let’s come directly to the question. Why am I dedicating a piece to utility value. What is it? Utility value is and has been a term and a topic of wide research in economics for past many years. Economists coined a word “utility” in context of how much value (which may be objectified depending on context) can you extract from a particular action of yours in relation to what actions other plan to take. If the cumulative utility that you expect to extract from your action is high enough, you go forward with performing it or otherwise you don’t. This definition may seem to fishy to the first-timers in economics but it has far reaching shadows in most of the activities you undertake or you plan to in your life on a daily basis.

If expected utility is all what we look out for and to some extent is rational too, why do we go against the flow sometimes. Why do we sometimes deviate from the conscious act of calculating utility before doing something ? It is because rationality has its own consequences. Rationality my cause a certain rise in utility but it doesn’t guarantee that both are correlated somehow. Causation does not mean Correlation. It is one of the primer Statistics 101 which needs to be remembered not only for statistical analysis but also as a general life principle. We are human beings with emotions, attachment, sense of identity(ego) and belonging which even now a days close to impossible to code as artificial intelligence. Our(humans) acts may seem to defy logic sometimes. It may go against actions prescribed by rationality. It may not stand the heat of reason and that’s why you find yourselves asking questions or exclaiming in utter disbelief as to “how’s that possible” or “how can he/she do that” or “This is totally irrational and insane”. Well, we humans have a generic code for when and to what to react in such a manner. This is not a special quality that only countable humans are endowed with.

I, for the most part of my writing refrain from throwing pretentious stories that may seem exemplary. I deem it fit for the reader to catch his own ways in order to digest the point that I want to make. In this way, you not only forced him/her to think beyond what a weak literary artist can, but also saved yourself from narrowing the field of view that your writing might or might not cater to. A literary art is important for the pursuit of understanding. Understanding in itself is very abstract point of no significance to me at all, once or if at all you claim to have it.

Renderings from every reader’s vantage point may be so different that it will surprise you to see the innumerable number of interpretations a single piece of writing can give rise to in diverse human minds. When you begin to think this way, writing not only appears to be fun but also a bit more challenging than what it used to be when you began writing. You will blur the line of utility value. The words and what those words mean to you may not be of supreme significance now. Your readers’ interpretation may now well be. That is why a famous author, a mid-famous author and a “niche unread / zero business bringing” author have eclectic mix of takes on the literary approach which may seem like abstruse goose to a “noob” writer.

Ramblings and Musings of Life Blog Series will return with Part 10 soon. Stay Tuned!



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