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Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 12 – ( Lonely Planet ? )


Caveat: This can just flip you out because you travel and possibly have traveled way less than the guys I’m talking about in this blog. So don’t flip out mi amigo!

Since Google’s Blogspot has no such feature such as reblog for me to write a referral post, I will just copy-paste the content of the article I found amazing and it made me fall flat on my back for a moment and think. The content that is to follow is snapped out of a blog which has been written by 2 German brothers who completed a close to 7000 Kms. of hitchhiking journey through the fuckin’ Silk Route. When I talk about Silk Route from now on, you should immediately keep a reference of this picture (below) in your mind.


Without me even trying to provide you with a vivid and comprehensible way in which they achieved this feat, I will just ask you to delve deeper into how they did this and refer to their blog for more details. Life Blog Series feels proud to have featured this piece.

———————-Content Begins—————————–

7000 Kilometers. 107 Lifts. 5 Countries. 2 Brothers. One Road.

 It’s was bound to fail: Four weeks time to prepare for one month of hitchhiking along the Silk Road – today’s most dangerous and both politically and infrastructurally difficult route.

But yes we did! Thumbing up truck rides in the hottest desert on earth, got lifts with public bus through Kurdish Iraq, hitched a hotel, Germanwings and longtail boat. We put up our hammocks in picturesque moon-like landscapes and onlonely Thai beaches. We hitch-hiked the newest BMW and Indian tractors. We explored Istanbul with crazy CouchSurfers, enjoyed tasty Bakhlava in Southern Anatolia and zero-g-forces in Northern Iran. We played futsal in Shiraz and learned how to wash before prayer with Furkan. We were thumbing the road for more than 5500 kms together. Craig topped the 7000-kilometer-mark hitching to his second home Malaysia.

Everywhere, one of the first questions we heard was: “Isn’t it dangerous?” – No. It’s not. To go by car in the first place is the dangerous thing. Hitchhiking is as safe as you make it: We only go with people with who we feel comfortable. Other questions centered around the feasibility. Despite all adverse conditions (low population density, Iranian don’t know what is hitching) Iran turned out to be the best country to thumb up lifts. Even the other countries were far easier to hitchhike than Germany. With one exception … India.

We had an awesome time hitching Indian tractors etc. but we would rather go for the unforgettable train rides on future trips. Autostop in India is exhausting: Sometimes it takes you more than half an hour to only explain what you do. Other reasons: Extreme cheap public transport and scarce long distance traffic on roads. Can you imagine that one of the four principal highways leaving 20-million-Mumbai is a two-lane (!!!) road?

To all fellow hitchhikers who want to stage the Silk Road and those among them who have the dream of doing a full overland route – like we wanted in the first place: You need far more preparation time, approximately three weeks more than we had. You’d need to be fine with four days of desert only. Trust us: Desert is nice to see – but only for some hours. Another bound-to-fail-challenge: Try to make friends with somebody in the Pakistani embassy to get a visa for overland entry – otherwise it’s currently impossible. Then you’d need to change and expand the route significantly going for China since there is no usable Bangladesh-Myanmar land border crossing and heaps of difficulties to get required permits for India-Myanmar border crossing let alone for the troubled Indian border state Manipur. In plain English: It’s today’s most difficult route to prepare and realize.

Sometimes people ask us if we go with no money. In our opinion the idea of zero-expenditure-travel is nuts and close to scrounging – and that is not what you want your hosts to think of you. It’s also not practical: Perhaps we’d to bribe a border officer to enter a country. Sometimes you are simply hungry and need a Kebab or Samosa 😉 The currency you pay with while hitchhiking is entertainment.

Anyways you can still expect to enjoy a breathtaking fun time with a mini budget. We spent 100€ each to India (museum fees etc.) and another 50€ for Craig to reach Malaysia.

It’s however not our financial situation that inspired this trip. It was our lust for adventure and serendipities: Meet people, see places and go beyond frontiers. As we make friends along the Silk Road we advance cultural understanding and global peace.

We’d like to express our appreciation for all the people who helped us: The gay Dutch, the Thai policeman, Germanwings for the VDB, Hennessy Hammocks for the awesome hammocks, the CouchSurfers, our Mama and Papa, our friends Felix, Dany & Robert, Craig’s Malaysian family and anybody who made this trip possible.

Some people ask: “What comes next?” … Well, perhaps ‘Urban Tourism in the Bronx‘, ‘Parachuting over North Korea‘ or ‘Riding through Mongolia with only a donkey and a fridge‘.


Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 4 – ( Bridge the Gap, Shoot the Shit! )


Caveat: This is the Life Blog Series about all the pretentious cravings and longings and unfulfilled yearnings and desires and water-boarding and shit fuck fuck shit mundane on goings. I am manufacturing transcendence in disguise. Not to forget the buoyancy of thoughts which may hurt the prospects of your life which for a reader of this blog should be no less than analogous to a sinking titanic. yO !

I am hig[h] and this is a fuckin’ nice time to write. No I’m not kiddin’. It’s a time of some deep shit distress for my ass. A lot of perversions I have been catering to of late have not landed me in a comfortable spot which is not to mention again, a general trend but things have been taking a good shape lately. I have begun to write my latest piece but the only bone of contention remains is of me being able to convince myself of the underlying motives. I want to earn some bucks, shower some dingling-dangling money my way shouldn’t be bad at my age of 22. I am trying to bridge the gaps between the right and left part of my brain, though that is not what the title of this blog implies. Convincing yourself to write can be pretty difficult. It’s like asking penguins to not walk straight. It’s like asking chihuahuas to migrate to Pakistan. It’s like asking Putin to turn Buddhist. It’s a tough job at the end of the day pleasing your reader and I have no particular experience on that front. Chit-Chatting my way through life is what I have been doing till now. Now it’s time to face the music, to invent some rhythm, to put your ass on burning coal, to bust your guts to reach the Mariana Trench of literature world. So I’m on my way to shoot the shit and I don’t know why but I should add a nuevo paragraph tio.

Insecurities in life are like small loops of turds hanging in there. Unless and until you flush it down, they stay and are the big pain in the ass for you. You need to get them the hell out of your system for once and all and I’m gonna plan on how to achieve this feat. I hope the reader will voice his/her solidarity with me on this front. I know the journey’s gonna begin and I know that I’m meant to stay for the long run.

Writing is my shit because I read people

I’m hig[h] and I don’t wanna have anything staple

Fuck the shit out of this blog, because here you nigga, there is nothing Papal.

I’ll be back soon with the ramblings and musings in the next part. Stay Tuned!