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Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 11 – ( Caravan of Terrible Dejection )


Caveat: Caveats are a ruse. Missing them is in itself like a fix to the incomplete jigsaw. So try and miss most of them. I write and I keep writing till I’m sure my reader can connect the dots looking backwards at the piece. I may not explain my position in full throttle. At some points, I may just leave the point it as it is, like the way I just did.

It’s a little bit off track from what I decided to write upon 5 minutes ago due to the recent developments hereby. I have been a humble provider, learner and exchange-r of knowledge in my university for the last 4.5 years and I have not seen such a state as I am today. I never liked the word “throng”, though it doesn’t mean anything very bad but whenever it’s used in my context or I’m anyhow related to the context of usage, I feel a gust of wind of negative connotation uprooting me due to its condescending implications. It according to Merriam-Webster means “a densely packed crowd of people or animals” and mind you, it doesn’t have to signify a purpose as to why. It hit me today that my peers had lost the purpose of their education by selling themselves to the top recruiting firms who visited my university for job placements today i.e. Monday, 1st December 2014.

I don’t want to suppose a moral high ground as I was a significant part of the process till I got rejected by the 2 firms I had enamored a small dream of getting into but as usual, rejection at times can trigger an eclectic variety of emotions as opposed to success. “If you want something, it can be done if you really want it”. Well, how many of you agree with this statement? I hope you all do but it deserves an analysis from the vantage point of someone who failed despite trying hard. Doesn’t it?

I thought that rejection and the dejection following it deserve a mention in the ongoing life blog series. So I am writing this piece at 4:45 AM (Indian Standard Time) after a very fruitful interaction with my colleagues who sat for the interviews, some of them who were hired and many of them who are facing impending rejection in the results about to be declared in a few hours from now.

Preparing yourself for a job is indeed the same simple basic notion with which industrialization began in the world, which is briefly defined as the period of social and economic change that transforms a human group from an agrarian society into an industrial one. An industrialized society need either those people who are ready for the job, or those who are willing to get ready for it. Individual dreams other than being a live working contributor to the industrialized society is a different pursuit altogether. You’re welcome to be led astray(as they say) but it will be a tough fight and a long shot that you will make something out of yourself.

How convenient our system has become! Our recruiters pitch in front of us in the following manner and sequence. We have everything ready for you, they say. We provide you schools for education. We provide your parents a job in order to educate you in our schools. Then we provide you opportunities to work with us so that you and your progeny can exit this cycle. Those who can’t make through the only exit route have to keep continuing working small time jobs living the life we decide for them by implementing, affecting and manipulating grand policy decisions which have far reaching and deep rooted, sometimes inconceivable impacts on our economy, hence on our lives.

This doesn’t mean that I turned tables on our recruiters. I’m as curious to know about job life as those who applied for top notch jobs hoping they could make that cut being among the 50 odd people who would be the stars of tomorrow by grabbing fat pay cheques from them but unfortunately(not sarcasm) couldn’t. I hail from a middle class background like many of them from my university who after the recruitment process finishes, will own up to the fact that competition between us itself has failed the very purpose of this institute, the very integral part of which was peer learning.

We learn to compete. Well, that statement doesn’t sound very well to me. Does it to you? I want to stop at this juncture so that the reader can draw his/her own conclusions from the piece. My motive is not to drive a certain kind of anti-passion towards recruitments but a proper analysis at your part will give you an articulation of your purpose in looking for a job. Even if it’s only for pursuit of money and nothing else, It doesn’t disqualify you from being in the position of thinking for yourself. Does it?

I am very sure that many readers of this blog have no clue of what I am talking about but since this topic is as close to me as Ganges river to Gangotri glacier, I supposed that I should give it a mention in the ongoing series.

Stay Tuned for Part 12!


Life Blog Series (Why I am talking to myself) – Part 5 – ( Comfort level with Illusions )


No Caveats this time around. But yes, floating thoughts are coming your way in the matter of seconds.

Developing anything into a form which can create business by being liked/used is no doubt a monumental task at times. Your pain of feigning comfort level with what you do in life on the road to this feat has to be “morphin[ed]” by commensurate level of things you really want to pursue in life. I define those things as “Hobbies”.

I have been defiant in the past to call a particular act as a hobby. May be because I have no particular liking with the nearest word you can form by tweaking the word “hobby” into “hubby”. Sounds inane? Well, it’s not so silly of an explanation for my dislike if you give it a second thought. We all have these dislikes for various words, however sacred their meaning may seem because of one or the other reasons. We take our own thoughts and existence as granted which I think is the disservice to the cosmic superpower who somehow made way for Earth to exist in one piece. I call for the reader to think about some illusions he/she might have carried all through his/her life without proper base. Our comfort level with self made illusions can be very “pernicious” in the long run.

“Keeping oneself occupied” was not the motto our grand ancestors started the process of evolution with. Adding value to the society as a whole was. Well, this is not a meta-discussion at any level(which in turn makes it meta, but that’s not the point). How can we as average-ly intelligent homo sapiens add value to the society? – Well, there is no one right answer to this question regarding grand vision. But, yeah the society today at some level or the other have some significant value-adders and some value-preservers and some value-imbibers and some indifferent-to-value-addition human beings. Yeah, that makes an eclectic set of complex individuals, the world is at present. The notional illusion of world development can very well go astray if the society doesn’t provide incentive for value-indifferent beings to actually start creating some.

Advancement in technology can at very well degrade this entire process though it is making the value-addition process a hell lot easier, it is also aggrandizing the comfort level with illusions around us. It makes you think you worked. It makes you think you added value by solely working. It makes you make many assumptions about the world around us just on the fact that we are all very well connected than our previous generations could ever fathom. This will have its repercussions on the intended evolution of social communication. Its calibre can be perceived in the way we are pseudo-communicating on social platforms. Is this an Illusion ? Well, the answer is not that far. It’s or It may be within you.

Stay Tuned for Part 6!